Immersed in transformation, we provide a restorative experience that works to activate energy healing and bring your chakras into harmony. Releasing any stuck emotions helps to help restore vitality and find joy once again. Our holistic modalities – including Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healing, Reiki, Aromatherapy, and more – all work together to create a deep sense of relaxation, providing the perfect environment for self-healing. Guided Meditation and other methods are used to help achieve this calm state, enabling transformation and increased well-being.

Divine Journey Boutique LLC is here to provide energy healing for emotional balance, spiritual growth, and your general health. We specialize in natural and holistic modalities, such as Reiki, Crystal Healing, Chakra Balancing, and energetic clearing. Schedule a Chakra Reading today to jumpstart your path to understanding and aligning your energies, propelling the change you seek for a harmonious and fulfilling life!

Cyrstal healing chakra grid


Chakra Balancing is where we use a combination of therapeutic modalities in one chakra-focused session. Sessions include energetic healing with crystals, reiki, and some sound therapy to effectively balance and unblock your chakras to ensure they are operating in alignment with each other. We also have aromatherapy and additional sound therapy techniques available upon request.

Sessions start with some simple sound therapy using a rattle or chime to break up any stagnant energy surrounding your body and energy field. We use crystals to entrain the energetic frequency of the chakras – resetting them back to their original state. Reiki is added to enhance and facilitate more profound energetic healing of anything that may be causing the chakra blockages or imbalances internally.

Woman receiving crystal healing


A Crystal Healing session is a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating therapy that involves placing crystals & stones on the body to activate natural energy healing and alignment.

The crystal session's goal may include re-aligning your energetic frequencies and/or removing any emotional & energetic blocks while allowing for deep soul learning, healing, & spiritual growth. The focus of a session is typically centered around achieving chakra balance. Still, it may also focus on specific chakras for an energy boost, anxiety relief, pain relief, EMF clearing, grounding/centering, etc.

Woman receiving healing touch

While Crystal Healing uses the energetic frequency of physical crystals and minerals to achieve energetic balance, Reiki is a spiritual, in-tangible method of achieving balance and relaxation. This technique is entirely non-invasive and touch-free.  The focus of a Reiki session is to channel energy to the client to encourage the body’s natural ability to heal and create balance within itself.

Reiki treats energetic, physical, and emotional imbalances to promote healing, balance, relaxation, and good health. It also works with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.


*Please remember services provided by The Divine Journey, LLC should be used with the understanding that it's part of a holistic treatment plan. Our services do not take the place of medical care. The services provided by The Divine Journey, LLC are meant to be complementary to any medical and psychological care. It is recommended that clients see a licensed physician or licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailments. We do not diagnose, prescribe medications for, or treat medical or mental health conditions.*


*Explore more information on Crystal Therapy, Reiki, or Chakra Balancing, and feel free to contact us for more information or book a Chakra Reading to try it out and see if this is for you.*


If you are ready to take control of your well-being and want to experience a rejuvenating path to improved health and wellness, schedule an appointment today!