Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation that helps to restore the body’s natural ability to heal and create balance. It is a simple, natural, and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can benefit from.

Reiki is used to treat energetic, physical, and emotional imbalances to promote healing, balance, relaxation, and good health. It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.

Reasons to seek out a Reiki session might include:

  • General balancing & relaxation
  • Clearing emotional blocks
  • Physical pain
  • Increasing clarity
  • Issues with life
  • and more


Woman receiving healing touch
In-Person Session

All sessions begin with a clearing of your energetic field to break up any stubborn areas or energy blockages you may be experiencing. Techniques may include smudging with an herbal mist, using a selenite crystal, or sound such as a rattle. Clearing can be customized around each individual’s sensitivities to ensure you have a relaxing experience.

Next, your energy field and your chakras are scanned for any areas that may need treatment. This may be done with a dowsing pendulum or by sweeping or hovering the hands over the body at a distance of 6 – 12 inches away.

Reiki therapy is performed by hovering the hands over specific areas of the body that were deemed to need treatment. Each hand position is held for several minutes before moving to the next spot. You may feel heat or tingling in the area being treated or you may feel nothing. It is also possible to experience bouts of emotion during treatment and that is completely normal. Every session will be different depending on your personal needs.

The closing of a session is indicated by the sounding of a chime 3 times and followed by gratitude and grounding practices to ensure you are ready to move on about your day.


Woman receiving healing touch

Distance Session

Distance Reiki Sessions are a great alternative if you aren’t feeling well, are located far from our office location, are traveling, or if you just prefer to receive Reiki in the comfort of your own home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Sessions are conducted similarly to an in-person session but with the use of a proxy (or stand-in) since you are not physically present and by connecting with you energetically.


    If you are ready to take control of your well-being and want to experience a rejuvenating path to improved health and wellness, schedule an appointment today!