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Abalone Shell

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Abalone shell is a beautiful and unique shell that has been used for centuries as an adornment, known as an ancient symbol of protection; this iridescent shell can provide a spiritual shield from negative energy that may be coming your way.

Abalone shells have long been said to be a source of strength and courage, promoting a sense of calm and relaxation. Its metaphysical properties can also help you connect with water energy, allowing you to tap into your intuition and inner wisdom. When placed in a room or on an altar, the Abalone shell helps create sacred space for spiritual work or meditation.

Whether it's adorning your home or you're using it for its healing properties, an Abalone shell is sure to be a beautiful addition! So, don't let its beauty fool you; this powerful piece of nature has so much more to offer. Get your own Abalone shell and discover the metaphysical benefits for yourself!