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Citrine Cluster Pendant

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Citrine is a powerful crystal that has long been associated with the solar plexus chakra. Citrine benefits are manifesting abundance, joy, and positivity. Known as the “Success Stone” or “Merchant's Stone” due to its association with financial gain, this gorgeous yellow stone radiates the warmth and energy of the sun. Citrine healing properties bring clarity, creativity, and patience while providing spiritual growth and protection from negative energies. Discover why this powerful crystal is so popular and explore its many benefits today!

This necklace comes with an 18" adjustable corded chain that is nickel free. Wear this to raise your vibration, and always keep the energetic properties with you.

However you choose to work with your Citrine pendant, may it serve you well.

Please note: As it is a natural stone, no two will be alike. Natural stones have varying shades, line patterns and inclusions. Natural stones may have chips, cracks or other imperfections. We cannot guarantee perfect points or stones.