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Copper Amethyst Pendulum

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A dowsing pendulum made of Copper or Amethyst can be very beneficial in many ways. Copper is known to be a great conductor of energy, which can help to increase the pendulum's sensitivity and accuracy when divining answers. It can also help balance the body's energy and clear energy blockages. Amethyst is a powerful healing crystal that can help to channel spiritual energy and provide clarity of the mind. It is also believed to aid in meditation and psychic development. Both copper and amethyst can be beneficial tools when used as a dowsing pendulum.

However you choose to work with the energy of your Copper and Amethyst Pendulum, may it serve you well.

Please note: As it is a natural stone, no two will be alike. Natural stones have varying shades, line patterns, and inclusions. Natural stones may have chips, cracks, or other imperfections. We cannot guarantee perfect points or stones.