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Divine Masculine Bath Soak

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Our Divine Masculine Bath Soak is the perfect blend of Epsom salt, Bentonite Clay, organic herbs, and essential oils designed to relax aching muscles, clear energetic blockages, and invite new pathways for spiritual growth.

Handcrafted with a blend of sandalwood which can bring clarity, wisdom, and relaxation to the mind and body,  Grapefruit- a powerful purifier and can help to clear away negative energy, Oakmoss- uplifting, energizing properties which can improve mood and mental clarity, Atlas cedarwood- an excellent stress reliever and can help to clear away any mental blocks that may be preventing spiritual growth, Pine- a stimulating, earthy scent that can reduce stress and bring clarity to the mind, Cedarwood- brings balance to the chakras and helps open up new pathways for spiritual healing, White thyme- can help promote inner harmony, and Peppermint- a fresh, minty scent is said to clear away negative energy and bring clarity of mind. Combined with sage and lavender herbs to help bring balance to your chakras. Take a few moments for yourself and allow our special blend to balance your feminine and masculine energies.

Enjoy the calming, grounding scent as it helps to open up new pathways for chakra balance and spiritual growth. Try Divine Masculine Bath Soak today!

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