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Green Aventurine DT Pendant

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Green Aventurine is a powerful crystal known for its healing and balancing energy. It is beneficial for those who are struggling with anxiety or stress. Green Aventurine activates the heart chakra to promote vitality, growth, and confidence. It renews depleted energy resources, stimulates cell repair and general healing, and is suitable for circulatory illnesses.

Green Aventurine helps you move forward confidently during changes in life and embrace those changes. It helps release old patterns so that new growth can take place. Double terminated Green Aventurine crystals are the perfect tool for helping you to focus and center your energy.

When working with a double-terminated Green Aventurine crystal, focus on your intention and keep it in your mind as you meditate with the crystal. Let the energy from the crystal flow through your body and help open up your chakras. You can also use the crystal to create a grid of good luck and prosperity around your body to help manifest your desires.

Use your intuition to determine how to use it best and how to incorporate it into your life. However you choose to work with the energy of your Double Terminated Green Aventurine Pendant, may it serve you well.